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We are working quickly to add support for more GroupWise features that will be available in future updates.

If you want to access your GroupWise calendar, our GW Calendar app does an excellent job!

If you want to be able to view details on a contact, our new GW Contacts app gives you that.

Please feel free to send us an email with any questions or comments that you may have.  If you think you see a bug in the app, please send us an email!


GW Mail

GW Mail is a GroupWise email client for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. With this app you get a much better interface than Novell delivers by default through GroupWise WebAccess.  This app gives you some of the enterprise features that you wouldn't get with simple POP/IMAP - like access to your Frequent Contacts and GroupWise address book.

"GW Mail and GW Calendar are good looking iPhone apps that help GroupWise users quickly get access to their data.  I'm glad to see them on the app store and available to GroupWise users."

        - Alex Evans, Novell GroupWise Product Manager

“The GroupWise WebAccess Apps from Ghost Pattern Software are well thought out and bring much needed functionality to WebAccess on the iPhone.  Whether you access GroupWise solely through WebAccess, or just need a way to get quickly to attachments and calendar items that aren't available in the native iPhone apps, these apps are invaluable.  I have them all, and recommend to all of my GroupWise customers who are iPhone users to get them as well.  I can't say enough about how useful these little gems are.”

         - Danita Zanre, Caledonia Network Consulting

Key Features:

- View items in your GroupWise mailbox and other folders, including shared folders

- Compose new email

- View, delete, reply and forward messages.

- Move items between folders.

- View an item's properties to see if an appointment has been accepted, an email has been viewed, etc.

- Accept or decline appointments, tasks and notes.

- Search your GroupWise addressbooks to select contacts when composing an email.

  1. -Attached documents are viewable through the GroupWise document converter, or they can be downloaded to view with other apps on your device.

  2. -New email notifications

Notice: GW Mail uses GroupWise WebAccess to get your email data.  If your GroupWise administrator has not made GroupWise WebAccess available to you, GW Mail will not work for you.  While we do support iChain and Novell Access Manger, if your company uses a different proxy server, then these apps will not work.  Please use our free app, GW Lite to verify that the apps will work for you prior to buying GW Mail or GW Calendar.


Devices: GW Mail works with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and requires an internet connection to work.

GroupWise:  GW Mail has been tested to work with GroupWise 2012, 8, 7 and 6.5.

Now with notifications! To enable notifications, tap on the (i) button in the upper right corner. Then tap on the row that says notification settings. Read more about notifications here.